Mark is a man of vision, a pathfinder….He won the award because his ideas were innovative not only to our club, but to the larger Rotary network. He helped our club turn those ideas into reality, and we helped hundreds of impoverished people in the process.” (Jim Mueller, past President of Scottsdale North Rotary, entrepreneur in reference to Service Above Self Award presented by Rotary International).
Case Statement Development and Capacity Building      Initiatives
Facilitate the “Philanthropic Quest” a fund raising and
     organizational development paradigm shift

 Pre-campaign Assessments
 Major Donor & Board Development
 Planned Giving
 International Fund Raising Strategies
 Create a vision which inspires people with what’s possible and gives them the confidence and energy to make it
 Provide practical support, not just general advice
 Aspire to transform, not just teach
 Serve clients as a member of their team, not a vendor
 Create realistic strategies which will increase the bottom line
"I think we stretched and grew together during our time in Oklahoma. Would you believe that I do board training in major gifts now? You taught me well."

Bill Brackett former CEO of World Neighbors